Akshi Tarpanam

There is a Hindu religious performance known as Tharpanam and in Ayurveda there is another Tharpanam and it has a special meaning as retention of the medicines over the eyes and this unique Ayurveda therapy has a tradition over thousands of years. In ancient palm readings of India has many very special treatments like Tharpanam and is very particular as it’s beneficial for eyes. It has everything that you would prefer from a better therapy to improve the health of eye and eye nerves. Medicated oil is the main substance using for Tharpamnam. It has the power to prevent much kind of eye diseases.Tharpanam promises the stoppage of strain to the eyes and irritation etc. Every year hundreds of westerners are experiencing Tharpanam and perhaps the foriegners knows much better than Indians about Tharpanam and doubtlessly it’s absolutely and Indian remedy to eliminate eye diseases and eye nere problems.It is a process of keeping the snehan (oil and ghritas) in the eye.



1      burning of vision
2      roughness in the eye
3      stiffness in the eye
4      eye disease cause by vata
5      squint and pitta doshas
6      difficulty in open the eye
7      arjuna (sub-conjuctival hemorrhage)
8      abhishyndi (inflammatory)
9      adhimanth (glaucoma)
10    shuka (ulcer lesion of the eye)
11    pain in eyes
12    loss of secretion of lacrimal fuid