Janubasti is a specialized upkarma of Panchakarma treatment used to strengthen the knee muscles and the architecture of the knee. It also helps to improve the functioning of the knee joint.Indication

  • Knee pain
  • Osteoarthritis of knee
  • Rheumatism
  • Subluxation of knee ligament
  • Ligament tear


Janubasti is carried out by fixing a mould on the knee joint with the help of kneaded black gram dough. This mould is filled with either medicated oil or the medicine prescribed by the physician. It is kept warm or replaced by warm medicines every 5 min, for 40 min. Then the medicine is carefully removed and the knee is cleaned thoroughly.


Before :

  • No specific precautions are required except the instructions for the underlying disease

After :

  • There are no specific dietary restrictions after Janubasti. However, careful preparation and post procedural care is a must. All procedural steps must be followed without any shortcuts.


  1. Lightness of the body
  2. Increase in appetite
  3. Reduction of repeated attacks of burning and acidity
  4. Reduction of skin patches, plagues and dryness as in psoriasis, eczema & dermatitis.
  5. Improved immunity
  6. Reduction of weight
  7. Reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides


Virechana is an intense and strong therapy which requires skill and expertise. When handled by an untrained hand, it can be very dangerous, even life threatening. Careful preparation and post procedural care is a must. All procedural steps should be followed without any shortcuts.