It is a process by which  elimination of vitiated doshas (Kapaha and pitta) especially excess kapha from the stomach and the body. The endotoxins (vitiated kapha and pitta) which are present in stomach, in cells and tissues of entire body and eliminated by the vamana therapy.



1      Kasa (cough)
2      Swasa (Asthama)
3      Amlapitta (Hyperacidity)
4      Apasmara (Epilepsy)
5      Unmada (Insanity)
6      Putinasa (Sinusitis)
7      Granthi (Glandular Enlargement)
8      Arbuda (Tumour)
9      Kushta (Skin diseases including leprosy)
10    Shleepada (Elephantiasis)
11    Agnimandya (Indigestion)
12    Visha (Poisioning)
13    Garavisha (Toxicosis)
14    Stanyadisha (Disorders of breast milk)
15    Medorog (Obesity)
16    All types of E.N.T. diseases



People suffering with fever of recent origin, diarrhoea, dysenterY. Pitta imbalance in lower part of abdomen Bleeding disorder due to Pitta imbalance cough, cold, Asthma, chronic Respiratory disorder, skin diseases, with itching and burning sensation such as herpes diabetes, urinary tract disorders Goitre, tumour, fibroid, thyroid disorders Elephantiasis, Filariasis Schizophrenia Shwasa – Chronic Respiratory tract disease, indigestion, continuous nausea, Anorexia, lack of taste, Vitiated breast milk Kapha disorders affecting neck, ear, nose eyes, and throat obesity Anemia heaviness of the body eruption of pimples, urticaria, itching lethargy, laziness, lack of inclination for work, lack of co-ordination in sense organs, Fatigue, Weakness, tiredness without any reason. Foul smell of the body, sleeplessness or excessive sleep, drowsiness, weak sense organs, impotency, loss of strength and complexion in spite of the intake of nutritious diet.